Membership of the RTAE

We are proud to announce that Effective 14th June 2013 INPOL S.A. application for membership of The Rubber Trade Association of Europe (RTAE) – as a member – was unanimously accepted.

The RTAE acts as a regulatory body for global rubber trading conducted in the European market. The RTAE is committed to promoting the best interests of the rubber trade as a whole; maintaining and developing a trading environment based on the best commercial practices and providing a comprehensive and dependable marketing service to rubber producers and consumers alike.

The Rubber Trade Association of Europe (RTAE) was established in 2002 as a successor to the old Rubber Trade Association of London (RTAL) and the Association of the International Rubber Trade (AIRT). The RTAE continues a 100-year tradition at the heart of international rubber trading through the European market.

The Committee warmly welcomes INPOL to the RTAE.

Further information is available at www.rtae.org

Mr. Juan-Jose Gallar Zaragoza – CEO & President Internacional de Polimeros, INPOL S. A.