INPOL is the exclusive Agent for Revertex™ and Revultex™ products in Latin America (LATAM) countries and Spain. Revertex™ and Revultex™ products are natural latex concentrates and specialties for the manufacturing of rubber-dipped articles, binders, coatings, adhesives etc.

Revultex™ is the trade name for our prevulcanised natural rubber latex compounds.

History of Revertex™

Krause Drying Process, a German company was incorporated to manufacture and market natural rubber concentrates using the evaporation process.

1942 to 1945
Factories closed due to World War II.

1946 to 1956
Business disrupted when the Malaysian government declared a state of emergency which lasted 11 years.

*1956 onwards
Business in natural rubber boomed especially with the AIDS problem and the use of barrier products made from natural rubber.


Revertex™ End Products

Revultex™ End Products